Food Review: Sampling Freeze Dried Food from Wise Food Storage

Two Brothers Taste Test of Wise Food While I was at the Ellett Brothers Gun Show in South Carolina with my dad, I was lucky enough to run into Joe Rieck from Wise Food. We ended up talking to him about how much we liked prepping. Luckily my dad said that my brother and I […]

Recipe: Backpacking Pancakes

Easy Backpacking Pancakes I have been on the lookout for new recipes to try on our trips.  One of these recipes was for easy pancakes, which I tried during our trip to Pedernales Falls State Park.  I usually just eat instant oatmeal for breakfast, but I decided there might be something even better out there. […]

Book Review: Easy Hiking Recipes

A Book Review Covering Easy Hiking Recipes I hope you all can forgive me for all the book reports because I still have a few more in the works.  I’ve had various types of appointments recently preventing me from getting outside so reading about adventures is the best I can do.  Today’s book review will […]

Adventures With BeeGee Hot Sauce

My First Attempt to Make Hot Sauce Not too long ago, I decided to try my hand at making my own hot sauce.  I was partially inspired by two sources to finally diving into making my own food.  The first, most of the best hikers and backpackers dehydrate their own food, which gives a lot […]

Recipe: Salami and Cheese Tacos

Quick Lunch Recipe: Salami and Cheese Tacos Today we have another quick recipe and one of my favorites, salami and cheese tacos.  I never make hot meals for lunch and try to spend my entire lunchtime break just relaxing or napping.  BeeGee agrees with that sentiment and will instantly nap after she has her lunch […]

Recipe: Mash Potatoes and Salami

Mash Potatoes and Salami For a quick post and another blog first, I will be posting one of my favorite backpacking recipes.  When I am backpacking I try and balance good taste and light weight.  This recipe is fairly compact and has a decent calorie density.  The combined meal has 282 calories. Ingredients ¼ of […]