Gear Review: Tlishtan Bike Pump

Testing Out my New Mini Bike Pump So I was lucky enough to receive a free bike pump from Tlishtan.  The pump feels durable and is 8 inches when in its compact mode.  Another nice feature is a life time warranty; however, after searching for a website, Tlishtan doesn’t have one.  So I wouldn’t put […]

Trip Report: Violet Crown Trail

Riding the Violet Crown Trail So Linda sent me an article about a new trail opening on August 14th in Austin, The Violet Crown Trail. I decided to go out and give the new trail a try on August 15th.  The terrain was similar to Purgatory Creek.  There were a lot of rocky limestone sections, but Violet […]

Trip Report: Purgatory Creek Trails

Riding the Purgatory Creek Trails Well I’ve been busy and I always mean to get back to blogging but end up too busy with life.  As the weather cools, I plan to get back out adventuring and return to blogging.  Another exciting note (which I completely forgot about), Adventures With BeeGee is now over a […]

Trip Report: Monte Bella Trail Park

Riding the Monte Bella Trails On December 14th, I finally made it to the mountain bike trails in Brownsville, Texas.  It was nice to ride a new trail, see some new scenery, and gain some new experiences.  If I were given 2 words to describe the Monte Bella Trails, they would be turns and flat.  […]

Gear Review: GPS App Recommendations

3 Outstanding GPS Apps for Smartphones For most people smartphones have become an important tool for going on adventures.  Most smartphones now include a camera, GPS functionality, music player, and a phone.  The big benefit is significantly decreasing the amount of gadgets and electronics you need to take with you when adventuring.  As smartphones keep […]

Trip Report: 2nd Street Trail, McAllen

Riding the 2nd Street Trail in McAllen I am lucky enough to have an urban trail near my house known as the 2nd Street Trail, which I run and ride my bike on all the time to stay in shape.  This trail is the much easier than the Mission Trails or Goodwater Loop, but is […]

Get Your Dog Ready to Run

Start Preparing Your Dog to Run Now that it has finally cooled off, it’s time for BeeGee to start joining me on mountain bike rides.  I am really pumped about this and I bet she will be too.  Unfortunately, with the move from North Carolina and the heat of south Texas, I have neglected our […]

Gear Review: High Sierra Wahoo Hydration Pack

High Sierra Wahoo Hydration Pack Review Background and design: When you’re on the trail for the day, two of the last things you want to worry about are having enough space to pack what you need and having to find a place to refill your dihydrogen monoxide stock. Available through Amazon here, this was another […]

Trip Report: Mission Mountain Bike Trails, The Night Ride

A Night Ride at the Mission Mountain Bike Trails I have been frequently heading out to the Mission Trails and to make sure it stays exciting, I have been trying to night ride as much as possible.  You can read about my original trip report to the Mission Trails here.  One day I will finally […]

Gear Review: Pyle Pedal Sound 3-in-1 Waterproof Bluetooth Bicycle Speaker

Pyle Pedal Sound 3-in-1 Waterproof Bluetooth Bicycle Speaker Gear Review The Background: If you’re going to ride a bicycle, safety should always be the first thing on your mind. The Pyle Pedal Sound 3-in-1 Waterproof Bluetooth Bicycle Speaker, with Built-in Mic for Call Answering, Power Bank and Flashlight is a great way to make sure […]