Change is Painful but It Can Motivate You

Starting to Train “THE REMARKABLE THING IS WE HAVE A CHOICE EVERYDAY REGARDING THE ATTITUDE WE WILL EMBRACE FOR THAT DAY.” – Charles Swindoll A good friend sent the entire reflection to me earlier this year, a friend I relied on for honest feedback, fun arguments, and helpful advice. That friend is now gone, and […]

Trip Report: Austin Ghost Tours

A Walk with Ghost Linda is back and she was kind enough to write up a recent trip report.  We went on a downtown Austin ghost tour.  So stick around and keep reading for a great post. The Details Austin Ghost Tours: Haunted Historic District Walking Tour Website: Location: Begins at Moonshine Patio Bar […]

Outdoor Movie Review: A Walk in the Woods

Outdoor Movie Review: A Walk in the Woods Director: Ken Kwapis Based on the book by: Bill Bryson Early this week, Jarrett was extremely enthusiastic about going to the movies.  It seemed strange to me that he was excited about going, given how he considers movie theaters to generally be a waste of money.  I […]

Our Wish List for 2015

Our Goals and Wishes for 2015 It is only tradition to prepare a set of goals for the New Year’s, and we have been thinking about all the fun things that we would like to do in 2015.  More likely, these goals will end up being more of a wish list than anything else.  I […]

Fredericksburg Get-Away – Part 2

Our Trip to Fredericksburg, Texas Part 2 This is the second part of our trip report to Fredericksburg, Texas.  You can see the first part of the trip here. After waking up from our nap, Jarrett and I went to August E’s, a restaurant specializing in what it describes as “Nouveau Texas Cuisine.”  I am not […]

Fredericksburg Get-Away – Part 1

Our Trip to Fredericksburg, Texas After multiple technical difficulties, I can finally post about our Halloween get-away.  Jarrett planned a trip to a surprise destination to celebrate my birthday that weekend.  On Halloween evening, we headed out to historic Fredericksburg, a small town with a rich German history just west of Austin and San Antonio.  […]

Trip Report: Machu Picchu, Peru

Our Honeymoon Trip to Peru and Machu Picchu Well, to everybody out there, I’m Linda, Jarrett’s wife, and BeeGee’s other special person (maybe).  I’ll explain why you hardly hear from me (other than this is BeeGee’s & Jarrett’s blog) towards the end of the post. Today we are posting about our trip to Machu Picchu, […]