Flipped Stomachs in Dogs

Flipped Stomachs in Dogs On our most recent trip at Goodwater Loop, be ready for the upcoming trip report on Monday, BeeGee had a little bit of a scare.  For a few minutes, I thought her stomach had flipped.  A flipped stomach is also known as bloat or Gastric Dilatation Volvus (GDV).  Thankfully, this wasn’t […]

A Guide to Keeping Your Dog Hydrated

Keeping Your Dog Hydrated Just like people, our dogs need to stay cool and stay hydrated.  In BeeGee’s case, this is extremely true because of her thick coat and dark color.  She just absorbs all that Texas heat.  One of the best ways to ensure your hiking partner is getting enough water is to set […]

Basic Bike Maintenance 101

Basic Bike Maintenance 101 Today our post will be a continuation in our mountain biking series.  This post was inspired by a reader question, “how do I get my mountain bike ready to ride after not using it in a while?” However, this quick guide will be beneficial to both road and mountain bikes.  In […]

(Video) Firearm Cleaning 101

(Video) Firearm Cleaning 101 With Jack Today Jack is back with another post.  He has created a video detailing how to clean a bolt-action rifle and a pump shotgun.  I hope the video shows you a few tricks and you enjoy the presentation. A Picture of Jack and BeeGee at Palmetto State Park Firearm Cleaning Video […]

Firearm Safety 101

Introducing Jack Today we have our first guest post written by my brother Jack (I know moving up in the world!).  To find out a little more about him check out his Facebook.  Jack is another outdoor enthusiast, but has a special like for firearms and using them safely.  Therefore, for his first post Jack […]

Mountain Bike Anatomy (Mountain Biking Series)

Mountain Bike Anatomy Today I will begin a mountain bike series, finally moving away from hiking. This post will cover the parts of a mountain bike and I will post some pictures so everyone can see the part before we move on to other aspects. This is a GT Karakoram, my current bike The Frame […]