How to Start a Fire with a 9-Volt Battery (Video)

A Quick way to Start a Fire Using a 9-Volt Battery and Steel Wool (Video) Starting a fire in an emergency situation can save lives.  That is why it is so important to know how to start a fire using multiple methods in less than ideal weather.  When you are cold or wet and the […]

BeeGee’s Gear List

The Gear BeeGee Brings on Our Hikes Finally, back from Thanksgiving with the family and all the Holiday travel, and I hope your Thanksgiving was a great one.  As I promised previously, I will be covering all the gear that BeeGee carries or has me carry for her.  The list varies by season, but the […]

(Video) Pistol Cleaning 101

(Video) Pistol Cleaning With Jack Jack has put together another video for us today, where he describes how to clean and maintain pistols: both revolvers and semi automatics.  I hope you are able to learn a few things or at least enjoy the video.  If you need help cleaning you rifles or shotguns, check out […]

Get Your Dog Ready to Run

Start Preparing Your Dog to Run Now that it has finally cooled off, it’s time for BeeGee to start joining me on mountain bike rides.  I am really pumped about this and I bet she will be too.  Unfortunately, with the move from North Carolina and the heat of south Texas, I have neglected our […]

Gear Review: High Sierra Wahoo Hydration Pack

High Sierra Wahoo Hydration Pack Review Background and design: When you’re on the trail for the day, two of the last things you want to worry about are having enough space to pack what you need and having to find a place to refill your dihydrogen monoxide stock. Available through Amazon here, this was another […]

Book Review: Backpacking: The Ultimate Guide

A Book Review Covering Backpacking: The Ultimate Guide Today I am going to do a book review covering Backpacking: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started on your First Backpacking Trip. This book was a pretty short and quick read. Plus, the book can provide some excellent knowledge to beginners and their quest to improve your […]

The Multiple Uses of Bandanas

The Many Reasons You Should be Carrying a Bandana In Your Pack Uses of Bandanas Today we will be covering some great uses of a bandana. Bandanas are a great multi use item that can lower your pack weight and simplify life.  When I go on an adventure, I always bring a bandana with me.  […]

How to Carry Water for Your Dog

Ways to Carry Water and Making Sure Your Dog Can Drink it Today we will be covering dog hydration again, but looking more specifically at water systems.  While it’s important to have enough clean water, it is not the only consideration you should have in mind when planning a trip with your dog.  One important […]

Training to Hit the Trail

How  to Train for Hiking There are many reasons why people want to hike and backpack: enjoying nature, staying healthy, aspiring photographer, or fun family event.  Whatever your reason for getting outside, you need to be fit enough to accomplish your objective.  If not, hiking will quickly turn into a military style ruck march where […]

Gear List: Emergency Repair Kit

What’s in my Emergency Repair Kit Today’s post I will be sharing a part of my gear list.  While, I am not an extreme weight watcher when packing my gear, I do try to keep my total weight low while being functional.  The same is true for my gear repair kit.  Fortunately, I have never […]