Gear Review: Kengadget Selfie Stick

Kengadget Selfie Stick:  A Gear Review on my First Selfie Stick The Background As hard as I tried, I really couldn’t find any information about Kengadget.  You can check out the Kengadget website here (not to be confused with KensGadgets).  Overall, the site is pretty barren, but the most important page is the warranty registration […]

Trip Report: Pedernales Falls Day 3

Trip Report: Backpacking Pedernales Falls Day 3 It’s time for the 3rd and final day of our recent trip to Pedernales Falls State Park.  If you missed out on the past fun, make sure you check out Day 1 and Day 2 of the trip.  Breaking Camp Once again, I was glad to be awake, […]

Trip Report: Pedernales Falls Day 2

Day 2 Backpacking Pedernales Falls State Park If you just started reading, this is the second day our backpacking trip in Pedernales Falls State Park.  Make you sure you catch up by reading Day 1’s and Day 3’s trip reports.  Jack eating breakfast at Pedernales Falls State Park.  Getting energy for a long day of hiking. […]

Trip Report: Pedernales Falls Day 1

Day 1 of Pedernales Falls State Park In December, the majority of the team (BeeGee, Jack, and Jarrett) met up for an easy backpacking trip at Pedernales Falls State Park.  It was a great trip and the weather remained mostly nice.  There was no rain and the weather never got too cold. Follow the adventure […]

Our Wish List for 2015

Our Goals and Wishes for 2015 It is only tradition to prepare a set of goals for the New Year’s, and we have been thinking about all the fun things that we would like to do in 2015.  More likely, these goals will end up being more of a wish list than anything else.  I […]

BeeGee’s Gear List

The Gear BeeGee Brings on Our Hikes Finally, back from Thanksgiving with the family and all the Holiday travel, and I hope your Thanksgiving was a great one.  As I promised previously, I will be covering all the gear that BeeGee carries or has me carry for her.  The list varies by season, but the […]

Get Your Dog Ready to Run

Start Preparing Your Dog to Run Now that it has finally cooled off, it’s time for BeeGee to start joining me on mountain bike rides.  I am really pumped about this and I bet she will be too.  Unfortunately, with the move from North Carolina and the heat of south Texas, I have neglected our […]

How to Carry Water for Your Dog

Ways to Carry Water and Making Sure Your Dog Can Drink it Today we will be covering dog hydration again, but looking more specifically at water systems.  While it’s important to have enough clean water, it is not the only consideration you should have in mind when planning a trip with your dog.  One important […]

Changes to Adventures With BeeGee

A Few Changes to Adventures With BeeGee Today Adventures With BeeGee has three big announcements all rolled into one post.  The first exciting change is a new web address for the blog.  The second and third are Jack and Dustin have decided to join Team Adventures With BeeGee officially.  So look forward for more exciting […]

A Guide to Keeping Your Dog Hydrated

Keeping Your Dog Hydrated Just like people, our dogs need to stay cool and stay hydrated.  In BeeGee’s case, this is extremely true because of her thick coat and dark color.  She just absorbs all that Texas heat.  One of the best ways to ensure your hiking partner is getting enough water is to set […]