Scream Hollow Review

On October 12th, Jarret and I headed out to Bastrop to go to Scream Hollow. Our friends, Chelsea and Derek, joined us for this year’s adventure there. 

Why would we drive for an hour to Bastrop to go to a county’s haunted house event? 

Scream Hollow - Lost  Pines Asylum
Scream Hollow – Lost Pines Asylum

Because, why wouldn’t you? It’s in the middle of the woods, under the October moonlight. Basically, it’s the setting of an 80’s slasher flick, which adds to the allure. Brilliantly, instead of fighting its remoteness, Bastrop County embraces the country to capture the spirit of the season. 

Other than a creepy setting, Scream Hollow also offers attendees the chance to visit four haunted houses: Mansion of Terror Phantoms, Lost Pines Asylum, Wicked Darkness – The Maze, and the Slaughterhouse 2. I will not go through the details of each to avoid spoilers and also because the Scream Hollow website does a great job of describing the setting for each house. Make sure to read these before going, as they will enrich your experience. 

It’s important to note that even though Jarrett and I went with another group of friends last year, we were still frightened a lot. Since Chelsea and Derek hadn’t been last year, we thought we’d start with the “easier” haunted house, but we later found that there was no such thing. There is plenty to be frightened of and each house makes sure you at least jump or gasp several times. 

Aside from walking through haunted houses, Scream Hollow gives you the chance to listen to some great artists, a campfire on which to share scary stories, a tarot card reader, and of course, plenty of snacks and beverages for children of all ages (including adults) to enjoy. Chelsea and I had our tarot cards read, and while no definite fortune teller details were provided to us, we did come out of that experience with plenty of deep thoughts and questions to consider. 

Scream Hollow - Music Stage
Scream Hollow – Music Stage

The snacks and drinks were great to snack on while we waited in line or just took a break from being scared… or rather, tried to take a break from getting scared. Because that’s the thing about Scream Hollow, even when you think you’re just relaxing with your friends, you might be in for a fright. You just never know…


LOVE LOVE LOVE!  Once again, Scream Hollow delivered on its unnerving creativity for terror. We had the perfect amount of horror and levity to have a wonderful evening with our friends. We definitely urge you to attend this event, if you can.


Tickets and Event Options:

You can purchase your tickets at the site or online. We recommend purchasing your tickets ahead of time at the Scream Hollow website to score some deals though. Also, make sure to buy tickets for all four haunted houses. Trust me, once you go to one, you will be hooked!

Prices vary depending on how many haunted houses you want to go into and what day you attend, but tickets generally start at $21.95.  If you have a group of four friends, we particularly encourage you to get the Wolf Pack, as it can save you a good amount of money. 

If you purchase your tickets online, make sure to download your tickets ahead of time, as cell phone reception can sometimes be a little spotty in Bastrop. Coincidence? We think not. 


Along a dirt road in the Texas country:

149 Split Rail Ln, Smithville, TX 78957


There is plenty of parking carefully coordinated by the staff, though on fresh dirt. It’s free of charge though. 


If you’re meeting your friends, you can do so either at the doors or inside while you wait for a drink. The place is crowded because it’s fun, but it won’t take you long to find your friends. 

Lessons Learned

As implied above, Scream Hollow is located in the country, so there is plenty of dust everywhere. Take some shoes you can easily clean afterward, and make sure they’re comfortable. I would avoid high heels too in case it rains. 

If you have asthma or allergies, make sure to take your inhaler and maybe some strong antihistamine before attending. Jarrett and I failed to do this and woke up with sore throats because of it. Still…. #worthit

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