Ghost Misadventures of a Texan

Keep it Down!

A few years ago, my husband took a job in a small city located in the boot heel of Missouri. We started the house hunting process, but everything was either too old, too small, had no yard, or was too expensive. I know; it sounds like another episode of House Hunters, but we had just started our family and wanted the perfect home. Our real estate agent called and told us of a house out of town that had just gone on the market. Price was low, good size, out of town with a nice yard. In other words, it was PERFECT! 

The drive to see the house took us on a gravel road surrounded by cornfields. We drove up to the house, which was also surrounded by cornfields, but it looked cozy. The rooms were kinda weird colors, like bright green and bright orange. The agent told us that the house originally had been rented out, but the tenants had just got up and left one day. Odd, right? 

We kept looking at the house. We went into the dining room and to the right was the kitchen. And off the kitchen were two doors, one to the garage and another to the basement. The agent opened the one to the garage to open the big door that led to the basement, to which we made our way. At the bottom of the stairs, to the left and next to the stairs, was an area that was staged. When I say staged, I mean it had a platform, painted walls, a tv in the far corner of the room, a couch, good lighting…like a stage. I thought it was kinda weird because the rest of the basement was all concrete walls and floors… 

Anyway, my oldest daughter was about a year old and was in her high pitch squealing phase. I was carrying her so she wouldn’t get into anything and she let out a loud squeal, so I shooshed at her to stay silent and kept walking the basement with my husband and agent, asking questions and making plans for the area and such. Once we were done, we headed up the stairs and into the kitchen. 

The agent leaned up against the kitchen sink and we stood across from her in front of the fridge. To our right were the garage and basement doors. As we stood there, we talked about making an offer and such.. when all of a sudden we heard a noise coming from the garage/basement area… a loud, “SSSSHHHHHH!”

We all froze. I stared at the agent; she stared at me. I turned and stared at my husband and him at me. I said, “ummmmm where did that come from…???” They both were sure it had come from outside, that maybe someone had come to the house, or maybe someone had driven by the house and made that noise. We all went outside and no one was there. 

Anyone that has ever been in a gravel road knows that there is always a dust cloud following the vehicle. Well, there was none. 

The most hilarious explanation they had was that the SSSHH was actually MY ssshhh from when my daughter had squealed. They said that the sound had bounced off the walls until it eventually made it up the stairs, but I knew better. They chucked it off as an unexplained occurrence and still went ahead and made an offer. I prayed it wouldn’t be accepted, but it was. Fortunately, the appraisal came back a lot lower than the sale and offer price, so we decided to walk away. 

Blurry Vision

When I first moved to Missouri with my mom, she lived in a single floor apartment unit. After a week or so of being there, a friend followed me up there. From the front door straight in about 15 ft was the living room, and to the left was the kitchen with a large dining room table in it. The living room had three walls, one with the front door, one with a large couch facing the kitchen, and one with a love seat facing the front door (if that makes any sense). 

Anyways, one night my friend and I stayed up late talking in the living room. My mom worked night shift so we were alone. My friend was sitting on the couch facing the kitchen and I was on the love seat facing the door. We stayed up talking about many things, but the topic we were on was movies. I believe we were talking about Stigmata. As I was telling her what it was about, I noticed she kept glancing towards the kitchen like she was looking at someone or something… 

The last time she glanced over, she looked back at me, scared.. I started to turn as I finally asked, “what are you looking at?” As I asked, I FELT something there in the middle of the kitchen. 

It’s hard to explain, but it was as if there was an invisible barrier there, radiating. I could feel the pressure of it like it was pulsating. Like I could see the kitchen behind it but not. It was blurry, my eyes could not focus past that presence. 

I only saw it for about two seconds. Then, I turned back to my friend. Her eyes were wide and teary; mine were probably the same, but I quickly told her to close her eyes and pray. So we prayed. After a while we decided to open our eyes and check to make sure it was gone…and it was. I don’t know what it was, but I can say I never saw or felt it again…

A Warning or Something Else?

After my husband and I got married, I moved into his 1 bed/1 bath apartment. On a weekend a few weeks after we got married, he drove south to spend time with my stepdaughter. I worked night shift on Saturday. I got home around 3 am on Sunday morning. 

As per my routine, I took my shoes off, had something to eat, watched tv and was supposed to take a shower before going to bed, but this time I fell asleep on the couch with the tv on. I don’t know how much time passed but I woke up suddenly when I felt a hard punch on my left thigh. I shot straight up and looked around… I saw nothing.

I figured I must’ve dreamed the punch, so I turned the tv off, turned over on the couch and fell asleep again. The next morning (afternoon for me) I got up to go to the restroom, but noticed I was kinda limping…my left thigh was sore…in the area where I felt the punch… I thought “ok, that was weird…” but went on with my day.

I was doing laundry, dishes, cleaning and such, when all of a sudden, the smoke detector in our bedroom started going off. So immediately I started going through our tiny apartment looking for any signs of smoke or fire and found…nothing. 

I got a chair to reach up to the smoke detector to see if I could figure out what was wrong with it when the kitchen smoke detector started going nuts… I opened doors and windows, but the fire alarms wouldn’t stop. So I had two smoke detectors going off, but no smoke or fire. That punch during the night started to feel less like a dream and more like a sign with every passing minute. 

My brain went into full panic mode. I called my husband to tell him what was going on, checked to make sure he and his were alright and they were. He told me that all I could do was call the fire station, so I did. As soon as I got off the phone with them I called my mom, my dad, my brother to make sure everyone was alright, and they were. When the firefighters showed up, they checked the detectors. They said that both smoke detectors were dirty… but what are the chances of both of them going off within minutes of each other because they’re both “dirty”???

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