Altra Lone Peak Review

Earlier this summer, Jarrett and I hiked Angel’s Pass Trail at the Grand Canyon and the Salkantay Trail in Peru. We knew we would be venturing into disparate climates and terrains, so I needed shoes that could protect my feet from freezing temperatures, yet keep them cool in the heat of the desert. Aside from protecting my feet from the elements, these hiking shoes needed to be comfortable enough to wear for hours on end. I did not think such shoes existed, but I found them: They’re the Altra Lone Peak 4 Mid Mesh Hiking Shoes.

Posing at Machu Pichu in my Altras

It is not an easy task to make shoes that can withstand all the elements and be comfortable for me. I have an array of issues: Rheumatoid Arthritis, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and poor balance in general. I “premiered” the shoes at the Grand Canyon. We hiked 16 miles on a hot day. My feet remained comfortable and cool. When I walked through shallow streams, no water seeped into my feet. This has been my longest hike in a single day, so I was amazed to find that I had no blisters when I got home. 

Cooling down in the Grand Canyon

Between our trips to the Grand Canyon and Peru, I hiked Turtle Creek Trail here in Austin. My friend and I got lost. We knew a stream would take us back to our starting point, so we walked up the creek. Our shoes were utterly underwater and soaked for about an hour or less. When I got home, I let the shoes dry outside. I think it only took about a day for them to dry, but I’m not sure. In any case, I didn’t do anything else to them before Salkantay.

Hiking the Salkantay Trail

During the Salkantay Trail, we hiked for up to twelve hours each day, through glaciers and jungle. These shoes kept me moving the entire time because they provided me with substantial ankle support to center my ankles. Their grip kept me stable as I hiked over slick wet rocks and rugged dirt roads. At some point on the trail, I stepped into a shallow part of a river, and my feet hardly got wet. I was pleasantly surprised when we settled for the night. I found that my foot had mostly dried, and I had no blisters. 

We both used Altra’s on the Salkantay so that’s how you know they are good!

In short, I cannot recommend the Altra Lone Peak 4 Mid Mesh Hiking Shoes enough. I think this is the brand and type I will stick to for the rest of my life. 

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